Global Business Promotion & Partnership

    JMW Int'l, LLC is dedicated to identify best products and advanced technology for international
    business opportunities. We coordinate financial assistance programs from all our sources for new
    or expanding businesses in domestic and international market places. Our dedicated network of
    skilled professionals specializes in the fields applicable to your needs. We possess distinct
    multicultural experience to effectively generate success in today's global business climate. Coupled
    with its extensive knowledge of domestic, foreign, and multi-national funding agencies, JMW Int'l,
    LLC is uniquely positioned to identify, promote, engineer, and secure most trusted names for your
    business needs.

    JMW Int'l, LLC takes the pride to select high quality and earth friendly products to our current
    and future customers. We will continue to aggressively promote the best and most sophisticated
    products on our website as well as through our other business channels. These include companies
    that are making great efforts to produce products and services in a sustainable manner, use
    alternative eco friendly resources and energy. If we as businesses or consumers choose goods
    and services from responsible companies committed to the sustainability of our planet, we can
    together make a difference. We hope everyone who visits this site would agree with us, support our
    business concept, and be in alliance to make a better tomorrow.


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JMW Int'l, LLC
JMW Int'l, LLC
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JMW Int'l, LLC is
headquartered in
Delaware, USA with
registered business in
the states of
California, Delaware,
and Oregon.

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