Water Solution Products

  • PDMDAAC, Poly(dimethyl
    dially ammonium chloride)
  • DMDAAC, Dimethyl Dially
    Ammonium Chloride
  • Anionic PAM
  • Cationic PAM
  • Non-ionic PAM
  • Poly Aluminum Chloride
  • Decolor Processing Agent
  • Bactericides
  • Bactericide Against Alga
  • Polypropylene Acid Sodium
  • Polyamine
  • Germicide and Algicide
  • Oil Removal Coagulant
  • Polyamine
  • STA Flocculant
  • Formaldehydeless Color
    Fixing Agent
  • Water Injection Anti-
    expansion Agent
  • Anti-water Agent
  • Flocculant for Paper-making
Unique and Most Effective
Water Treatment Solutions

The system we have  is the only system that will guarantee ZERO discharge to the
sewer.  It runs in constant flow like a
closed loop system.  No any membranes for
filtration is used.

The pre treated water runs to the clarifier, then pumped into a storage tank. Our
system will take that water and pass through the temperature controls and the
drum screen to remove all lint. During this step the temperature of the water is
under control not to exceed excess temperature.

From Drum Screen the water goes to the calibration mode, through various
sensors in the manifold system so we can inject exact amount of necessary
chemistry to insure no waste of chemical and have perfect coagulation.

After calibration and coagulation the water transfers to the rapid settlement tank
where the sludge from clear water is separated.  Meanwhile bacteria and odors in
the sludge is killed. The sludge goes to the screw type centrifugal extractor that
removes up to 74% of the water from the sludge.  This water is returned to be
recycled. The sludge can be recycled as raw material for certain industrial
products or disposed.

From the process tank the clear water goes to the polishing system to purify the
water and remove all the impurities that the eye cannot detect.

From the polishing system, our system transfers the clear water to another system
storage tank.  Then from system storage tank it transferred to your desired location.

The system can be built with a redundant option. Every pump, valve and motor has
a backup that is pre piped and controlled automatically by our microprocessor
control. The redundant system is a hands off machine and requires very little
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